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The Lowdown on Pet Insurance

Insurance Forums Staff

In life, we sometimes have to make tough decisions.  In case of an emergency, who do we prioritize?  Our family, or our pets?  One agent claimed, “We’ve gotten to the point where we love our puppies and dogs more than we can stand some people.” All joking aside, health emergencies for pets do happen, and without insurance, can cost a hefty sum.

Our agents took to the forum to weigh in on what may at first glance seem like a trivial insurance product.  Is there opportunity there for sellers?  One agent explained his defense of pet insurance, stating, “My mastiff has a VPI policy, $50 annual deductible, 90/10 reimbursement. We started it when she was a puppy for  $23 per month. She is 7 now and it is $33 per month. I look at it like any other insurance, as long as I have it I won’t use it. As soon as I drop it she will get into something and come back with a $5K vet bill.”

Other agents believed their pet companions should be rewarded for good behavior.  “Their inability to talk back is their best asset, or one of them”, someone said.  Should you get pet insurance?  Should you add it to your product portfolio?  We can help you decide right here.



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