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A Quick Q&A With Ray Phillips, NAILBA Chairman

Insurance Forums Staff

Exciting things are under way in November for the The National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies (NAILBA).  NAILBA’s chairman, Ray Phillips, spoke with us about one particularly important upcoming event: the association’s annual conference in Dallas, Texas.  Phillips is the former president of the Society of Underwriting Brokers, the Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, and the Pittsburgh Association of Health Underwriters.  He has also served on several boards for financial service professionals.

Insurance Forums: What’s the process by which you decide what you will focus on in your annual conference?

Phillips: Usually, speakers are approved by the professional development committee and board.  The committee figures out each year which workshops might be appropriate and relevant, and who might man them, based on current industry events.  We zero in on a list of targeted speakers and have the board approve, and we try to find the best people who are relevant for the industry and the situation at hand.

Insurance Forums: You offer a half-day presentation prior to the conference, and that has already sold out.  It’s called “Power from the Middle: Transforming the Brokerage General Agency.”  Why do you think that’s such a popular topic right now? 

Phillips: Honestly, I think that we’ve reached a point of maturity in the brokerage business. A lot of members of our association are interested in figuring out where the next few years will take us.

Insurance Forums: As chair of NAILBA, you’ve been to these annual meetings before.  What are the key values you take away from attending?

Phillips: During these times, I’m always meeting with the best and brightest, and sharing ideas. We always generate some great insight as to where these prominent industry people feel the business is going, and what has made them successful.

Insurance Forums: What are you looking forward to most about the upcoming conference?

Phillips: The power for NAILBA lies within the interaction with individual members. I always enjoy conversing with them, seeing them again each year, and finding out how their businesses are going and what they’re doing to continue being successful.  Not to mention the fact that the breakout sessions, workshops, and overall platform are informative, and the key note speakers are highly entertaining.

Insurance Forums: Is there anything else you’d like the share with our audience? 

Phillips:  Nothing beyond the fact that NAILBA is a very positive group of entrepreneurial members, we’ve been really successful and we’re looking forward to continuing onward and upward!



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