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Agents Mulling Decision to Leave Health Insurance Market

Insurance Forums Staff

Based upon an article claiming that approximately half of U.S. health brokers say they are considering exiting the health insurance industry, our forum members confessed whether they were among those considering leaving. Between all of the changes and all of the players – state regulators, federal regulators, and carriers – new challenges are being posed all of the time for agents in the industry.

One fed-up agent noted, “There’s no reason it needs to be this difficult or complicated, with this many hoops to jump through – especially when the plans are sanitized and standardized (or thought to be). It should just be ‘GO SELL!’ with some administrative work in the background, and basic business functions (marketing, sales, customer service, etc.).”

Other agents claimed that they would be early adopters, and would remain in the business and adapt to the changes. After all, disruption creates opportunity. This agent said, “don’t assume that those of us who stayed are not successful, nor positioned for more success, nor invested in other streams of revenue besides health insurance, nor incapable of pivoting to whatever avenue for success appears most attractive among a list of opportunities.”

Which side do you fall on? Check out the discussion here.



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