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Brooke is back: Life Insurance Awareness Month kicks off with Shields once again serving as spokesperson

Insurance Forums Staff

This September, actress, model, designer, wife and mother Brooke Shields is back for a second year to instill the value of life insurance for U.S consumers during Life Insurance Awareness Month.

LIAM sponsor Life Happens continued its partnership with Shields so she can continue to emphasize how critical life insurance is for her family and loved ones and why it should be part of a sound financial plan. This message has become even more vital as consumers look to reassess their finances in light of COVID-19 and better prepare themselves financially for the unexpected.

Shields has held many roles both on and off the stage, most important of all being a mother to her two teenage daughters. Regardless of the paths her life has taken or the roles she’s held, Brooke has been steadfast in her commitment to living a healthy lifestyle and sharing positive habits and behaviors – in which finances are a crucial part.

“I’m excited to be working with Life Happens for another year to build on the success of last year and continue to share the message of why Americans need to protect their families and loved ones with life insurance,” Shields said. “Life insurance is a core strength of any financial plan, and by sharing my story, I hope to inspire others to take financial control through the ownership of life insurance and have important financial conversations with their loved ones.”

The promotional resources featuring Shields are available on the Life Happens Pro platform, where industry members can use Brooke’s powerful message about the importance of life insurance. Life Happens has also launched a new evergreen theme, Reality Check: The time for life insurance is now.

“Brooke has been invaluable in bringing national attention to the peace of mind and financial security that life insurance can provide you and your loved ones,” said Faisa Stafford, President and CEO of Life Happens. “We’re thrilled to have Brooke return as our spokesperson for another year to support us in getting out this important message.”

As part of the partnership, Brooke will continue to serve as the national spokesperson for LIAM, the annual awareness campaign created and coordinated by Life Happens and supported by the nation’s leading insurance companies and industry groups.

Among the goals of the awareness campaign is to dispel public misconceptions. For example, many people vastly overestimate the cost of life insurance. In fact, 50% of Millennials believe the estimated yearly cost for a $250,000 term life policy for a healthy 30-year-old is $1,000 or more when, in actuality, the cost is closer to $160 per year.



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