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Exotic trips worth the effort?

Brian Anderson

All-expenses-paid trips to exotic locales can be a great motivator for agents, including one who started a recent thread on the Forum. This agent says he wants to strive to win a trip – doesn’t care exactly where, but took to the Forum to ask about premium requirements and other details regarding trips from carriers.

That sparked an interesting discussion on which carriers have the more attainable trips, the varying qualifying periods and production requirements, tax implications, cash alternative options for trip qualifiers, whether independents have realistic chances at qualifying, and naturally a debate on the best trip destinations.

One responder to the thread wondered whether the trips were used as promo events for the carrier, but another said that hasn’t been his experience. “There was a lot of rah-rah at my last convention, but not about the company. It was by the company about the agents in attendance,” the agent said in his post. “They lavished us with five-star hotel accommodations, first-class experiences not available to the public, lots of wining and dining. Pretty cool.”

Responders to the thread are sharing a wide variety of trip location preferences as well.

“Aetna’s trip for next year is [Costa Rica], which I’m sure will be great. But Latin American beach resorts for me don’t compare to the great cities of Europe,” said one agent. “I’ll take the Four Seasons on the bank of the Danube in Budapest or the Ritz Carlton on the Mediterranean coast of Barcelona over any beach resort. But I’m sure I’ll enjoy the tropics as well.”

Where is your dream trip destination? Or do you think qualifying for trips is not worth the hassle? Chime in on the thread here.



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