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February ‘Insure Your Love’ campaign looking for big social media boost

Insurance Forums Staff

As February begins and Valentine’s Day approaches, Life Happens is once again ramping up its annual “Insure Your Love” campaign – and this year social media will play a bigger role than ever.

The industry nonprofit organization is counting on its #InsureYourLove hashtag promotion to generate excitement about life insurance. To do so, Life Happens is asking people: “How Do You Show Your Love?” and asking them to post their text or picture response on social media along with the #InsureYourLove hashtag.

The idea is to get as many people as possible to share how they show their love via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and have life insurance agents provide a boost by promoting the campaign within their own social media networks.

Simply post a photo or write in text: How do you show your love? … A tight hug? A full gas tank when a busy day awaits? A note tucked into a lunch bag?

The posts need to be public to be included in the campaign. For Facebook, make sure to tag the Life Happens Facebook page in addition to using the hashtag. Then, go to www.lifehappens.org/showyourlove to see all the photos and text posts that people are uploading.

In addition to all the user-created photos and text posts, the social media pages will also feature many appropriate posts featuring compelling statistics and videos from Life Happens.

Life Happens created and coordinates the Insure Your Love campaign to help the industry take advantage of the No. 1 reason that people buy life insurance: becausethey love someone and want to make sure they’d be protected financially if something happened to them.

It is intended to be an easy way for agents to reach out to prospects and clients and ask them if they have enough life insurance.

Life Happens has a variety of compliance-friendly resources available for producers to utilize during (and even long after) the campaign, although agents will have to sign in to the Life Happens Pro website to access the resources or sign up if you don’t have an account. Life Happens Pro is billed as an agent’s “personal marketing department,” and there is a cost for subscribing to the service (although a free 30-day no risk trial is offered). Only Life Happens Pro Plus users get full access to all of the resources.

Among the campaign resources:

  • A month of prewritten social-media posts that can be modified or posted as-is
  • New graphics (quotes, stats, feel good) for social media and general outreach
  • A new Insure Your Love video called called “Love: You Just Have to Look” for sharing on social media, sending via email and embedding on an agency website
  • The #InsureYourLove hashtag promotion, to get people talking about protecting their loved ones with life insurance
  • Real Life Stories and Life Lessons (videos and flyers) that show what both having and not having life insurance does to a family
  • Digital flyers with multicultural variations as well as segmented by life stages

Life Happens is a nonprofit organization founded in 1994 that is dedicated to helping Americans take personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance and related products, including disability and long-term care insurance. For more information visit www.lifehappens.org.



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