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First “Pitch Book” for Final Expense sales

Brian Anderson

A new final expense agent sought out some presentation help from experienced agents in a new thread this week, and the ideas came flowing in.

The new agent found “winging it” in his first four appointments wasn’t cutting it, and sought to put together a binder he can use as a “pitch book.” What to put in it?

After a couple of conversations with a couple of forum veterans, the new agent went out and made his first sale later that same day, and another shortly thereafter.

“They both were very generous with their time answering me rookie questions,” the new agent said in a subsequent post on the thread. “Before talking to them, I was zero for 3, after an hour with each I’m 2 for 2. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not an oncoming train.”

Here are 4 other nuggets already offered by forum members in this thread:

• “People don’t buy logically, they buy emotionally. Here’s the point: don’t focus on the cost – focus on who’s going to stroke a check when they die.”

• “I like having some rate sheets for AARP, globe, col penn. Highlighting the age bands and increased small print.”

• “If you are looking for something to help the flow of your presentation, Americo used to have a tabletop flip chart that would walk through a presentation from start to finish and it has costs and NFDA stats in it. The side facing the client has graphics and highlights for the client to see, and the side facing you has notes and talking points to keep you on track.”

• “Rather than use that ‘Average Funeral Price’ jumbo jumbo that is always 5-years behind reality, you can say, ‘It’s very easy for families in our area to spend over $10,000 on a funeral. And another $5,000 on the cemetery.’ That is truthful and it’s not an exact statistic so you don’t need to quote anyone.”

Have your own ideas, or want to check out other input on this subject from Forum members? Jump to the active thread here.



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