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Six Things Not To Say When Selling Insurance

Insurance Forums Staff

Selling insurance can be viewed as an art form, and each agent approaches it differently.  Plus, with constantly changing technology, regulatory shifts, and other social and economic pressures, agents may have to change their strategy depending on the situation.  Some consistencies still remain, however.  Our agents and forum members told us some of the things they never say when approaching a client.


1. Too Much.

As a general rule, brokers and agents agreed that if someone knows how to lead his or her client in the right direction, the client will sell the plan to himself or herself.  All that’s required of the agent is sitting back and listening.  Some posters suggested following the 80/20 rule of listening/talking.


2. “I’m Not Going To Sell You Anything.”

When sales agents tell someone, “I’m not going to try to sell you anything,” they are underestimating the intelligence of the person they’re speaking with.  Most individuals have had enough experience dealing with salespeople that they can almost immediately detect when a sales pitch is coming their way.  With that in mind, agents and brokers agreed that it’s better to be straightforward and try to sell them on why they need a product, instead of trying to trick them into buying something.


3.  “Don’t Worry – You’re Covered.” 

This should be an obvious one, but many brokers referenced shooting themselves in the foot by not trying hard enough to make a sale.  Panicking and backing away from a selling opportunity is a pitfall that’s easy to stumble into, but many brokers told us that it’s better to work with a client on determining where they might have a different need, instead of giving in too easily.


4. “You Need This.” 

Many agents discussed the fact that they would dislike being told that they “need” something.  “I find out the client’s objective and THEN try to find a solution, “ one poster noted.  As a general rule, if you wouldn’t like it being said to you, don’t say it to a client!


5.  “Trust Me.”

One thing that will immediately raise clients’ suspicions is the phrase, “Trust me.” It makes you look like you may be hiding something, or that you subconsciously believe the client shouldn’t trust you.


6. Cliches. 

“This is a heavy duty policy for heavy duty people.”   “I’m your local rock star representative for Acme Ins.”  “Is Fido a member of your family? This plan covers all members.”  Just don’t go there!



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