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Life Happens Encouraging Americans to ‘Insure Your Love’ This Valentine’s Day

Insurance Forums Staff

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you know it’s time for Life Happens to roll out its Insure Your Love campaign to help spread awareness on the benefits of life insurance to consumers.

With this year’s theme being “Life Insurance: For Anyone Who Loves,” Life Happens is showcasing the benefits of life insurance and how it’s the best gift for a partner, spouse, children, grandchildren or parents to protect their loved ones financially for their lifetime.

Among the topics Life Happens can help agents expand on:

  • How agents and advisors can better reach consumers and educate them on the benefits of life insurance.
  • What resources are available to consumers looking to educate themselves on life insurance options and benefits.
  • Real Life Stories of the benefits of giving life insurance gifts and the impact it has had on American lives.

Barbara A. Pietrangelo, personal finance expert (CFP) and Chair-Elect at Life Happens, will dive into the details of this year’s campaign and how agents and advisors can best reach consumers during a webinar on Feb. 15 at 1 p.m. EST. Sign up is available HERE.

Life Happens is also holding a Facebook Chat during Insure Your Love month this February. The chat will be held on Feb. 23 from 1 to 2 p.m. EST using the #InsureYourLoveChat handle. Join the chat on Facebook using your personal handle or your company’s handle.



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