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Life Insurance Awareness Month 2021 kicks off Wednesday

Insurance Forums Staff

Life Insurance Awareness Month 2021 kicks off on Wednesday as the calendars turn the page to September, and this year, Destiny’s Child’s Kelly Rowland is helping the industry spread the word about the need for and value of life insurance.

The singer, songwriter, producer and humanitarian was tapped as this year’s national spokesperson for the awareness campaign by Life Happens, which created and coordinates the LIAM campaign every September.

While known for her musical contributions both through her solo career and in Destiny’s Child, off the stage, Rowland has the important role of mother to her two sons, Titan and Noah. Like any parent, Rowland does everything she can to protect those she loves, including safeguarding her family’s financial future with life insurance.

Kelly Rowland

“My husband and I had talked about life insurance. But honestly, it wasn’t until I spoke with my friend that it became real to me. She lost her husband suddenly, and she said, ‘Kelly, you gotta get this done.’ And she was right,” Rowland said.

“You know, people just think about the loss—about not being there. And they say to themselves, ‘Well, if I address this, then it’s going to be real.’ It’s been the opposite for me,” Rowland added. “Having life insurance truly eases my heart and mind. It means that no matter what, my family can keep looking toward the future.”

Life Happens offers a variety of resources for producers to help spread the word about the need for life insurance. Among this year’s tools is a LIAM Producer Webinar, which can be viewed at this link.

In support of Life Insurance Awareness Month, LIMRA also compiled facts about life insurance, social media graphics to share and other resources to help industry professionals promote this important campaign. Additional items will be added throughout the month of September. To view these resources, visit LIMRA’s LIAM page.

“Our hope is that this heightened awareness will encourage more Americans to get the life insurance coverage they need,” LIMRA said in a statement.

Recent LIMRA research shows that 36% of Americans plan to purchase life insurance this year. When it comes Millennials, 48% say they plan to buy coverage.

This is especially important since LIMRA research also shows that 42% of households would face financial hardship within six months should a wage earner die unexpectedly—25% would suffer financially within a month.

There are at least 102 million Americans living with a life insurance coverage gap. LL Global has joined seven trade associations and 76 life insurers and distributors to launch the “Help Protect Our Families” campaign to address the growing coverage gap in the U.S.

“Together we hope to engage and educate more consumers about the value of life insurance and help more families protect their financial security,” LIMRA said in a statement.



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