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Mutual of Omaha launches whole life policy with funeral planning services rider

Insurance Forums Staff

United of Omaha, a Mutual of Omaha company, last week announced Guaranteed Plus Whole Life insurance, a new life insurance policy with a no-additional-cost rider intended to help simplify the funeral planning process for consumers.

Created through a strategic alliance with Everest Funeral Concierge Service, Guaranteed Plus includes the benefits of a Guaranteed Whole Life policy from United of Omaha, plus funeral planning services from Everest, including 24-hour personalized funeral planning assistance, secure online planning tools and online will preparation services.

Guaranteed Plus will be available for consumers to purchase online or over the phone in select states beginning Nov. 5, 2018.

“After spending a great deal of time listening to our customers, we learned they want to make funeral planning simple and affordable, both for themselves and for the loved ones they leave behind,” said Brian Poppe, Senior Vice President at Mutual of Omaha. “Guaranteed Plus was designed with these needs in mind. Through our collaboration with Everest, we’re excited to be able to offer this innovative new solution that makes the funeral planning process more simple and affordable. Not only will it provide our customers added peace of mind, it will allow their families to grieve rather than worry about all of the little details that go into planning a funeral.”

In February, Mutual of Omaha surveyed life insurance consumers to learn more about their needs. The results of the survey showed 81% of consumers want a more simplified funeral planning process, while 76% want help finding a funeral home that offers fair prices for their funeral.

“Everest exists to advocate for families, to be their champion and to offer support and independent advice during one of life’s most challenging times,” said Mark Duffey, President and CEO of Everest Funeral Concierge. “We’re very pleased to collaborate with Mutual of Omaha to help make funeral planning simple and affordable for life insurance customers.”

Highlights of Guaranteed Plus include:

  • Available in face amounts up to $25,000
  • No medical exam required
  • Guaranteed death benefits as long as premiums are paid
  • 24-hour funeral concierge assistance to help consumers with funeral decisions, including gathering and presenting funeral pricing in an easy-to-understand format and negotiating prices with funeral homes and other funeral-related service providers
  • Cost comparison tools to help consumers compare costs at local funeral homes
  • Secure online planning and storage tools, which allow consumers to put wishes in writing and communicate those wishes to family members
  • Online services to help create a will, healthcare directive or power of attorney
  • Expedited payment of life insurance proceeds to help cover funeral costs

For more information about whole life insurance from United of Omaha, visit www.mutualofomaha.com/life-insurance or refer to the policy for additional details.



13 thoughts on “Mutual of Omaha launches whole life policy with funeral planning services rider”

  1. FinalExpenseDojo.com

    Another way they'll replace Indy agent's MoO policies through the mail.

    only way an indy agent policy would get replaced is if you write their graded plan. If you write the graded plan, you deserve to get replaced. And if you don't take you client off the solicitation list, you deserve to get replaced

  2. Pirate91

    Did you not read this? "Doesn't say it is GI.. Just says no medical exam required."

    I did yes. In fact, I responded to his comment.

    What I'm saying is, YOUR comment of "And then when they ask if it pays full benefit from day one, you can say?" doesn't make any sense.

  3. AnonInsurance

    Coverage starts immediately from day one, it pays limited benefits the first 2 years if you pass away from a natural cause

    Your two statements directly contradict one another.

    The coverage isn't immediate. It's a GI plan with the industry standard 2 year waiting period.

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