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Advice on Grief: Approaching Clients After a Loss

Insurance Forums Staff

Though death is something that all individuals must cope with at some point in their lives, the etiquette surrounding it is not always clear.  Life insurance is a product that can make a huge difference in someone’s life after they experience a loss; but, as a producer, when is the best time to bring something like this up to a potential client?  One producer in our forum appealed to the community to ask how to approach someone after a tragic loss, in order to help them with a life insurance policy.

While there aren’t necessarily right answers to difficult questions surrounding loss, many forum members agreed that there are wrong answers, and tactics that producers should avoid.  One agent cautioned that the grief process will take a few months, at minimum.  Further, he suggested that bringing up specifics related to a family’s specific instance of loss is not a good idea, in general.

Another producer noted that it is helpful to give grieving families a “checklist” of ways that they can plan financially for loss.  He suggested The Virtual Assistant’s Complete Financial Advisor Toolbox, specifically their life insurance guide entitled “When A Loved One Dies.”  The checklist does not have any sales information at all.  Positioning oneself as a resource, albeit with caution, may be an option for producers.

Do you have experience dealing with client loss?  Let us know here.  



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