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Wink Supports National Annuity Awareness Month

Brian Anderson

Pleasant Hill, Iowa (May 30, 2014) – Wink, Inc. has joined theCoalition for Annuity Awareness in their declaration of June as National Annuity Awareness Month. National Annuity Awareness Month is designed to provide awareness and understanding of annuities and their benefits in financial and retirement planning.

Various activities in support of the inaugural National Annuity Awareness Month will occur throughout the month of June. Wink, Inc. will provide social media communications to aid in educating the public on the important role annuities play in retirement; providing retirement savings, and acting as the vehicle that guarantees a retirement income that can never be outlived.

“We are so excited for National Annuity Month! Finally we have an event that can shed light upon reliable, accurate, and credible sources for fact-checking information on annuities!” exclaimed Wink’s CEO, Sheryl J. Moore. “National Annuity Month aligns perfectly with Wink’s top priority of ensuring that the public has the needed information and tools that are necessary, to succeed in their search for retirement plan and life insurance solutions,” stated Moore.

Wink has tracked the companies, products, marketing, and sales of annuities for over a decade.  Insurance regulators look to Wink and Ms. Moore when needing assistance with annuities. Moore is the foremost authority in the indexed annuity and indexed life markets; she has long worked closely with the media as a fact-checking resource for life insurance and annuity products.

For more information go to www.LookToWink.com


About Wink, Inc.:

The staff of Wink, Inc. has more than three decades of combined experience in working with annuities and life insurance. Sheryl J. Moore is president and CEO of this third-party market research firm and the guiding force behind the industry’s most comprehensive annuity and life insurance due diligence tools, AnnuitySpecs and LifeSpecs. Ms. Moore is also the author of the quarterly Wink’s Sales & Market Report. Serving as the insurance industry’s #1 resource of indexed insurance product sales since 1997, this report provides sales by product, company, crediting method, index, distribution, surrender charge period, and more.

Wink, Inc. is the company that distributes resources such as this sales report, along with the competitive intelligence tools AnnuitySpecs and LifeSpecs at www.LookToWink.com.


About the Coalition for Annuity Awareness:

The Coalition for Annuity Awareness is comprised of industry associations who serve consumers by helping them understand annuity products. As today’s challenging economic environment continues to evolve, a growing number of individuals and families are turning to annuities to help provide security for their retirement. Specifically, many consumers are using annuities as a vital risk management tool to protect themselves against the possibility of outliving their financial resources. Annuities are unique among financial products in the marketplace because they can provide retirees with a guaranteed lifetime income stream.

Currently, there is over $500 billion in-force premium serving roughly 3.3 million Americans. The annuity market is largely comprised of middle-class consumers with an average annuity valued at $90,000 and a household income of around $100,000. In 2012, life insurance companies paid $97 billion in annuity benefit payments providing crucial retirement security to contract holders. In addition, more than 75 million Americans rely on annuities and other insurance products for financial and retirement security and nearly 20 percent of Americans’ long-term savings is in life insurance and annuities.


May 30, 2014

Pleasant Hill, IA

(855) ASK-WINK



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