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Internet Leads For Homeowners Insurance

Insurance Forums Staff

Turning internet leads into revenue-generating relationships is difficult in any field, and homeowners insurance is no exception.  Recently, an agent took to our forum to discuss the best ways to follow up on homeowners internet leads, and discussed some great lead sources.  Some of the best websites for lead purchased were noted to be NetQuote, Insweb / Agent Insider, and Quote Wizard.

Finding new homeowners’ information can also be done through the local court house.  Often, probate offices will file land deed information online, as this information is considered to be a public record.  Accessing local tax assessor websites will also provide information on new homebuyers and their address information.  Contacting these homeowners and offering to welcome them to the neighborhood can be a good entree into establishing a relationship.

Due to the nature of homeowners insurance and other home/auto and P&C applications, the need is generally immediate and clients will settle on a plan quite quickly.  In these cases, it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.  Are there any valuable lead generation or marketing strategies that you’re missing out on?  Find out here.



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