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Successful referral strategies: Earn them with service

Brian Anderson

We all know one of the most difficult challenges associated with selling life insurance is keeping your pipeline full of prospects. Leads are great, but nothing tops referrals from your existing clients.

Of course, actually getting your clients to provide referrals can be quite the challenge in itself.

A new thread in the Life Insurance Forum, titled “Successful Referral Strategy,” seeks good ideas for when and how to approach clients about providing referrals. Below is the original post, along with a few good tips from the thread. I hope you’ll visit the thread for additional ideas, or to add your own strategy to the mix.

What has been the most successful strategy you’ve used to gain referrals? Do you ask for referrals at the point-of-sale? When you deliver the policy? Both?

• “I assume you actually deliver your policies. That’s a great time to remind them why they are buying. It’s also the best time (in my opinion) to discuss referrals/introductions.”

• “I highly recommend Sandy Schussel’s ‘Mastering Client Referrals’ course for only $37:https://sandyschussel.com/products/

• “All. The. Time.”

• “I tell every prospect in the first 30 minutes of our first visit that if we decide to work together, at the end of the process (whether 2, 5, or 10 meetings) I want to brainstorm potential introductions with them – but only if they’re completely satisfied with the results of our work together.”

• “I think referrals are earned. I earn mine with client services. It’s a rare client of mine that calls the company for anything. Most all call me… I do deliver policies and I also send thank you cards. I’ve never once asked directly for a referral. Yesterday I wrote 3 applications at a home that was from a referral. Without my asking she told me to be sure and call in advance when I brought the policies because she wants to have her brother and sister there and they need insurance, too.”

• “Referrals are a mindset. Ask and expect to get referrals 100% of the time. To get referrals you first must become referable (provide value and benefits). The best time to ask and get referrals is when your client is at a peak state (loves and understands all the benefits you provided for him/her). Ask questions through your sales process that get clients to mention names.”


For more ideas or to share your own good referral-generating technique, please visit the thread now:Successful Referral Strategy

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