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Agents can showcase their expertise nationally via new NDOI directory

Brian Anderson

SAN FRANCISCO – There have been numerous attempts to make insurance available online, but these have focused primarily on personal lines (home, auto, etc). Now, for the first time, the National Directory of Insurance (NDOI.com) has created an online vehicle for more than one million licensed insurance agents in the U.S. to present their expertise in all realms of insurance directly to the public marketplace.

The result, according to a May 2015 NDOI statement, is significant and two-fold. First, the online, searchable database improves public access to insurance professionals. Using the simple NDOI site, consumers can quickly search for insurance professionals to find a choice candidate and the exact information they need.

“We’re proud to give consumers an extremely useful new tool for finding insurance solutions,” says NDOI co-founder Lynne Wallace. “Our goal was simple – make the process easier by helping the consumer find agents whose specialties match their particular need.”

Consumers have many questions about insurance, but often they have no idea where to go to find the answers. By connecting the consumers with insurance professionals, NDOI provides a way for them to quickly access the answers they seek, through NDOI’s trademarked search engine/matching service.

NDOI (pronounced EN-DOY) does not sell insurance or have a direct affiliation with any particular insurance company, agency, or network of agents. It simply enables consumers to search for all types of insurance —at both the local and national levels. “NDOI serves as a one-stop shop,” Wallace says. “Our search options range from the expected personal lines such as home, auto and life, through to business lines such as workers compensation, property, cyber and general liability and even the most complex of business insurance coverages.”

The online user controls the process and is able to find fast, easy insurance expertise. Unless the user chooses otherwise, the search process is entirely anonymous, eliminating concern over companies or agents accessing personal information. Anonymous browsing also allows the user to research insurance options independently, without having to make a personal contact with an agent, which traditionally has led, in many cases, to a wave of unsolicited sales calls.

“People who need insurance help, at any level, are not looking to fill out an application and they don’t want to become vulnerable to an ambitious sales person either. They are searching online to leverage their time and discover who is really out there that can get them what they need. NDOI helps people find the ‘real deal,’” says Wallace.

Secondly, insurance agents benefit from signing up with NDOI as it provides them with the ability to showcase their expertise nationally. With more than one million agents currently listed in the database, every one of them reaps the benefit of being more visible to consumers. This National Directory of Insurance is expected to grow further following its initial launch, making the market even more accessible and transparent for consumers.

“In creating NDOI, our focus is to build and support the community of agents and provide a national online marketplace for the public where any insurance need can be met,” says Wallace.

For more information, please visit http://www.ndoi.com. Agents can join the directory athttp://www.ndoi.com/agent/entrance.


About National Directory of Insurance:NDOI (pronounced EN-DOY) is simply a free, easy search to get your questions answered or to learn about any licensed insurance professional in America. The company was started by a group of friends (some in insurance, others in technology) who believed it was time for America’s insurance community to come together online, all in one place, to better serve consumer insurance needs. The idea came to life at lunch one day sitting in a food court. Ten restaurants standing side by side competing for lunch orders. If “normal” competition is about eliminating the competition, the food court seems to be about bringing competitors together. And it makes sense. Who goes to the food court? Hungry people. Ten restaurants will satisfy a higher percentage of the group than a single restaurant ever could. Fast forward a few years and NDOI has become the virtual insurance version of the food court. People come to NDOI because they need something or someone in insurance. With access to over a million professionals nationally in its online insurance directory, NDOI believes consumers benefit from the easy access and wide variety…just like a successful food court.

NDOI does not sell insurance or have a direct affiliation with any particular insurance company, agency or network of insurance agents.



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