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Insurance entities urging Santa to review coverage before Christmas Eve

Brian Anderson

Santa Claus is being urged to review his insurance coverage prior to embarking on his incredible around-the-world journey on Christmas Eve.

Both the New York-based Insurance Information Institute and Kansas City, Mo.-based Lockton, the world’s largest privately held independent insurance broker, issued calls recently for Jolly Old St. Nick to do a risk analysis.

Here’s a quick, light-hearted look at what they’ve come up with:

Rudolph the Risky Reindeer Rides Again

In keeping with their holiday tradition of releasing a seasonal risk analysis parody, the “elves” at Lockton have this year turned their wit, insight and elfin humor on the iconic holiday TV special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Rudolph the Risky Reindeer takes a peek into Christmas Town as Santa and his elves prepare for their Christmas Eve journey. But all is not well up north and the Big Man with The White Beard is worried:

  • Will the brewing storm prevent delivery of the toys? Will the reindeer and precious cargo be safe?
  • Will the North Pole elves finish the toys on time—without injury and hopefully sober—and without workers’ comp claims?
  • Will product liability claims mount if Santa delivers defective merchandise from The Island of Misfit Toys?
  • Will the elves’ questionable diet of candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup finally catch up with them? Will they get the dental insurance and preventative care they so justly deserve?

For answers to these questions and analysis of other risks associated with the manufacturing and delivery of Santa’s bounty, Lockton’s elves encourage you to pour some eggnog, curl up by the fire, and click on this link to enjoy Rudolph the Risky Reindeer. Happy Holidays from Lockton!

Santa’s Insurance Wish List

Sleighs break. Reindeer games get out of hand. Elves miss days due to repetitive-stress-related injuries…

Rather than invoking the Santa Clause, concerned professionals at the Insurance Information Institute urge St. Nick to review his policies to be sure he’s got the right insurance coverage. That way, he can stay focused on making holiday wishes come true for everyone on his “Nice” list. Please visit the link at the end of this sentence to view an interactive graphic detailing the coverages on Santa’s Insurance Wish List.

Click the link above to view interactive version.



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