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Modernizing the Insurance Industry

Insurance Forums Staff

Insurance is not generally known to be a technologically-savvy industry.  Many carriers and individual agents have been slow to jump on the technology bandwagon.  Our forum members shared their experiences with slow-moving systems, technology glitches, antiquated processes, and outdated methodologies.  So, what improvements should be made, and are any of them being implemented?

One optimistic agent noted that his agency allows users to generate PDF applications from lead data with a Radius account.  Others noted that online apps are on the rise, and systematic improvements are being made consistently, in order to simplify the online app process.

This article, by Sott Thiltgen, classifies life insurance as “still in the stone age.”  Within, Thiltgen discusses how the marketing and presentation of the industry in general are red flags.  He purports that, “Unlike the health insurance industry, the term insurance industry is behind the times in Internet marketing and do not have real-time rates available to let the public see how they can fill this need within a budget with instant rates.”

Do you think the insurance industry is behind the times?  Are certain sectors more technologically up-to-date than others?   Weigh in here.



1 thought on “Modernizing the Insurance Industry”

  1. coming from an IT background. Healthcare and Insurance should have been on the cutting edge 10 years ago now is time to play catch-up and we are behind the eight ball. I am contracting with an agency and working life leads, and writing apps online. I am not able to be a broker for the clients and get the best coverage out there. The concept is excellent customers are embraci.ng technology evern our seniors. My goal is to find a digital telesales business of my own. Any advise would be appreciated.

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