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The Best Annuity FMOs

Insurance Forums Staff

For agents considering getting into annuities, what would you recommend as some of the best FMOs?  Forum agents told us about their preferred FMOs who specialize in annuity markets.  Depending on your goals and level of expertise, there are myriad options available.  Most agents noted that they prefer FMOs who will carry the burden of marketing for them.

Agents suggested Legacy Financial Partners in Topeka, Kansas, who are reportedly great with new producers and are willing to provide a high amount of guidance, run illustrations, pre-screen life cases, and act as mentors.  Another swears by Gordon Marketing, which he purports is “like having your own secretary and back office at your fingertips.”  Another agent recommended IAMServices, based out of Omaha Nebraska.

What are you favorite annuity FMOs?  Are you looking for one?  Find more great advice here.



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