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The Best Fixed Index Annuities Based on Cash Accumulation

Insurance Forums Staff

One annuity salesman is contracted for many annuity carriers and keeps up on their caps, participation rates, spreads, etc.  He appealed to the forum to ask what others were writing for FIAs based upon cash accumulation.  Annuity experts and agents discussed which companies have consistently had the highest caps and rates.

Agents discussed how there is an exponential increase in risk, in exchange for an incremental gain, and at what point it becomes unwise to invest in such gains.  Additionally, in the current economic climate, agents saw more value in a shorter surrender & bailout provision, than in a slightly higher financial rating. One agent also asked, “Am I the only one who sees it as a paradox that the companies that promise the most are also the lowest rated?”

Which FIA carriers do you suggest?  See who our members chose here.



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