1099s I received


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I don't have a downline. I received 5 1099's from a FMO in random agents names. My last name is listed on them in the account section. I get street commission paid directly from the carriers but I do have an Imo. I am going to a different company next week which is why I'm not posing this question to them and it seems like something fishy is going on. Does anyone have any thoughts on what this could be? Thank you.
All different TIN's...not mine. Do you have an idea of why I would've received these?

A mix up on the spreadsheet they imported to print the 1099s.

Accidently repeated your last name and address for the ones after you instead of filling in their info.

The FMO def needs to know. And it would have no impact on you whatsoever.

There are multiple agents who could be doing their taxes right now and have no clue they are missing a 1099 and their form is incorrect.