A Short Course in Brain Surgery

I don't even know how to comment without being a jerk, I wish everyone wanting "free health care" could watch this video. Thanks for sharing ...
Sheesh, all they need to do is increase taxes to purchase more medical equipment and hire more help, right???? Won't that solve everything?
Free Market Cure - A Short Course in Brain Surgery

A Short Course in Brain Surgery highlights the plight of an Ontario man with a cancerous brain tumor who crossed the border to the U.S. to get the medical care that is rationed in his home country.

Don't know how many have seen this but I really wish that a-hole Michael Moore would comment.


I saw this a couple of months back. Michael Moore is a real Richard Cranium. Now he wants to invite Fidel Castro to introduce him for his next award because they have such great healthcare in Cuba. Give me a break.
Only fair to present the other side of the Arguement: ;)

And you will never guess where I saw it first.
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Yeah, did you see that there are now more billionaires in Moscow than in New York City?

It's getting harder to make (and keep!) a buck around here