Lack of education will NOT be an excuse in a court of law or in the event of arbitration!


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I just got back from a private briefing session that I'm occasionally invited to on Saturdays. Today, our instructor went through a person's TikTok video where they were pontificating on some "advanced business tax and asset protection" strategies.

Let's simply say that our instructor completely tore him apart! (And that's putting it mildly.)

The problem... is that he SOUNDS confident and sophisticated! (The instructor DID like his confidence.) But basically... he was full of $%*&.

How can WE protect ourselves, prospects, clients, and essentially our communities from such egregious errors? You need to invest in quality education.

The 'letters' themselves... mean little to nothing to the public. However, they will enhance your overall credibility. More importantly, and I have said this many times: my education helps me to AUDIT what I'm being shown to see if it's good or not.

My thoughts:
If you're under 3 years in the business, check out LUTCF from NAIFA or FSCP from The American College. These are sales designations with a decent amount of academics built in.
If you're 3+ years, look into ChFC, CLU, and/or CFP.

Many career contracts offer educational reimbursement upon passing!

This foundation of knowledge isn't just about helping you to stand out. It's to help you, your prospects, and your clients KEEP OUT OF TROUBLE FROM "SHADY" ADVICE (at best).

/end rant
Well the first mistake is getting financial advice from Tik Tok.

Also the creator has now made the mistake of posting a video of his tax shenanigans and putting it on the internet for the IRS to see.