Accidental life insurance


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My son had a car wreck two years ago that left him with a brain injury and seizures. The bank offered him life insurance. He purchased $100,000 plan that automatically came out of his bank account every month. He recently had a seizure that put him in a position that restricted his airway and he passed. The cause of death is technically due to complications of a seizure due to a car accident two years ago. It is ruled an accidental death because what actually killed him was his airway being cut off not the seizure. The life insurance company doesn’t want to pay because they claim he died because of his car wreck two years ago. Can they do this?
Most accidental policies require the death occur within x number of days of yhe accident
You need to read the policy and see what the limitations and exclusions are.
Sorry for your loss. While more details would help like the coverage page or the type of policy he got, it sounds like your son had an accidental life insurance policy. If thats the case, this would only pay in limited circumstances. One of the rules is that the death after an accident should happen within 60 days otherwise it wont pay any claims. If your son has lived another 2 years thats great news unfortunately accidental life wont cover anything. I never sell accidental life policies, I have never seen a circumstance where these types of policies are a good fit. If you post the certificate of coverage we can confirm for sure. Once again, may your son rest in peace

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