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Advice on restarting SEO on my site


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My site www.mozdex.com use to rank very high on Google and other search engines. It produced thousands of leads at one time. The site has had not been optimizedfor seo in years. The domain is old nor has it ever been penalized. The site does have some linking and some good content. Do you think I am better starting from the beginning or restarting the seo on www.mozdex.com or just selling it and starting new? Thanks for your advice.

Simple: Assuming everything you say is true, than you should rebuild the site. But rebuilding the site in an SEO friendly manner is difficult to do.

However: if you are incorrect on some of your assumptions/statements that it might be worth building a new site.
We are very happy with the SEO company that we are using. They are doing our complete marketing since we started. This month alone we have over 150 new leads from all marketing sources (billboards, print, social media, and SEO) I can provide you with their info if you are still looking.
In my experience, on-page SEO is more important than off page SEO. Making sure the site is optimized for googles specs is the first step by far.

@adv1 , I would suggest moving the site over to a WordPress platform for content management. (not sure what you are using now, but it doesnt seem to be WP)

WP makes on-page SEO very easy via free plug-ins you can add to the sites functionality. Most of the quality ones make it very easy to go step by step on each page. They even give previews of how it will look in the search results, and other tips about on-page SEO (such as analyzing the content and giving suggestions on structure, etc.).

There are also plug-ins to help with page speed and even security. Most are free but have paid versions with added features. But just the free versions are usually very robust and can do pretty much everything needed.

WP is a very widely used platform and it is extremely cost efficient to find help with the site if need be on sites like fiverr.


After on-page SEO, you will need to start adding new content. Google looks for sites that regularly update their content. So you will need new articles being written on a weekly basis at minimum. That is by far the most time intensive aspect of keeping up in the serps.
Well, I must say that the guys have actually said the ... best probably and the most effective way to get your website back on track.

The OP has not been back on the forum for almost a year.

Site still VERY SLOW in loading. I doubt he has taken any of the advice offered.