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Local is much easier. Start with Google Business listings and Bing Business listings. Focus on local related key phrases in your articles and page/post names ex: "life insurance agent charlotte NC". Or even better "life insurance agent southpark NC" (a suburb/district of charlotte). Or best, cover both terms with multiple posts/pages/etc.

Post frequency, combined with keywords/keyphrases, and listing your business as findable on maps and local searches. Is key. Also registering your website with google/bing, submitting sitemaps, and submitting new pages to be indexed; is also key for any type of SEO.

A site and resource I have used over the years is https://neilpatel.com/

Hubspot also has a lot of good SEO related articles.
Local SEO is significantly different [and easier] than National SEO. You will find the vast majority of articles out there to be worthless because they almost all focus on national google rankings.

The "pizza" search analogy is about the best one I have heard.
When someone types in pizza - are they looking for the history of pizza, how to make pizza, or a pizza delivered to them? Google quickly has to make that distinction by the key words, past searches, recent searches, or other relevant information that they have. It seems obvious with the search "Pizza Delivery" - but not so obvious with "I want pizza".

Anyways - Local SEO should likely start off with your "Local Website" and a Google Business Page and a Yelp Business Page. All three of these should contain the EXACT SAME NAME AND ADDRESS. Down to the abbreviations, spellings, phone numbers, etc.

Consider some local blog posts that incorporate your product with local areas.

Neil Patel awesome. Backlinko... Moz. I would be careful hiring anyone to do this service for you.

Best of Luck to you.