Looking For Tips: SEO For Insurance Agents

I would be pretty careful paying someone to provide SEO services for you. Period.

I agree completely. You can certainly pay someone to set you up initially and give you some tips, but no way would I hire an agency for "ongoing SEO".

I talked with a few SEO companies and they all sound very similar. The price has varied from $500/month to $2400/month. Has anyone worked with a SEO company and what were your results?

Your site is going to rank based on your content and authority (backlinks, mentions, etc.)

If it really costs only 2k per month to do that, don't you think everyone would do it?

Because you really don't want to do this yourself, hire a full-time writer to produce your content, do backlink outreach, get you quoted, etc.

It's going to cost a lot more than 2k/mo but you're much more likely to see results.
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I posted this earlier in "SEO for Insurance Websites". I just wanted your guys thought. I know I could write the content myself, but I think I would rather spend the money to not have to deal with it. These companies do have some great results.

I talked with a few SEO companies and they all sound very similar. The price has varied from $500/month to $2400/month. Has anyone worked with a SEO company and what were your results?

Here are the companies I talked with so far:
Bright Fire
321 Web Marketing
Nelson Marketing

I found this article on the forum: SEO agency shares new 2020 digital insurance marketing guide. It was from 321 Web Marketing. Are they more trustworthy because the insurance forum shared the article?

I am just having a hard time picking the right company. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

These all seem like pretty trustworthy companies to me. I think these are pretty good prices. You just want to be sure to avoid the companies that use the same website design, layout, and content for every single insurance websites they make.

After looking at the 321 Marketing guide, they seem to be pretty trustworthy. I took a quick look at their portfolio and noticed they don't really repeat designs for their insurance clients, which is something to value when looking for a website builder. I haven't looked into their content yet, but it's worth a call in my opinion :)

Anyone can write lay-down insurance sales. Not everyone can write relevant, consumer-focused content that converts.

Probably better to farm off the leads on a split than farm off the content if you have to choose.

I had my own share of outsourcing content writing, the first article I got was created by a robot which gathered related keywords and data from across the web then use another software to re position words and sentences; so, Google can't recognize the content already exists online, so I went to a local content writer, but he did the same thing!
content writing is very time consuming, and needs either deep knowledge of your industry, or ability to spend hours of searching, editing and adding details, but from own experience, it's the best thing you can do to your online marketing.

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