Aetna PPO dental for vets

Lately most will bill Aetna even if not in network. But they only get a set amount to use so going to an in network dentist stretches that money further bc of the contracted charges. Out of network dentists can charge quite a bit more obviously. If the dentist won’t submit just have them write their ID number on the receipt and circle the dentist’s name and how much they paid. Haven’t used claim forms for about 3 years.

Ok . Humana’s dental is also full reimbursement up to usual and customary charges . United’s full reimbursement is only up to what in network gets paid . So you go out of network with United you’ll have pretty good size bills . The best is devoted . You get a debit card to use like a credit card .
The Aetna rep says that mapd dental includes the commercial network now . When I looked up dentists it seemed like a lot of in network dentists . Do they have a good network ? I know Aetna is known for their reimbursement. So does that mean if a dentist charges $1300 and usual and customary is $1100 Aetna will pay the whole $1300 ? What has got me confused is this . I thought 80-90% of dentists will bill the ins company for you . Why do I need to fill the claim form out with Aetna ? Won’t most dentists bill Aetna ?

Aetna PPO in FL will pay exactly what is charged up to the allowance. Any dentist.

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