AIG dropping ROP in Georgia


I just saw an alert that as of January 1, AIG will no longer be selling their return of premium product in the state of Georgia. Has anyone else heard of other states where they are dropping it? Does anyone know why?
The original post is three years old. I doubt AIG knew about the new ROP guidelines three years ago.

Probably didn't know they would be on the rocks, getting loans from taxpayers, and have their CEO pay scrutinized by Obama and company either.
No problem, just busting your chops a bit. Have a great weekend! I am off to the "wild blue yonder" this weekend so you all can sleep soundly.:biggrin:
The new ccc Guidelines on ROP will raise most companies premium about 30% or they will not really give a full ROP.

You will also see a few companies just dropping the product all together.

I've spent the last couple of days looking at the new prices and it seems like there will be a lot of changes with prices soon with all companies.