Alabama Noobie say's "Hey, Ya'll"


I've been snooping around this insurance forum for a few days and find you all to be very polite and informative...just the way I like it! I'm in God's country, Tuscaloosa, AL...but of course you knew that when I said I'm in God's country, now didn't you?

I sell LTCi Insurance in 11 states, currently...almost 100% from internet leads, by telephone and overnight delivery (DHL Express). I rarely have the privilege of seeing my prospects or clients face-to-face. I do not sell from a home office, I do not sell in just my PJ's or underwear but I "do" wear underwear when I sell...and shirts, and pants, etc. I DO NOT wear ties!! I have a nice formal office in downtown T-Town.

If you'd like to know how insurance is sold over the phone and through the mail, call me, I'll be happy to sell "you" a policy. Ha, ha!

Hope to have more fun and learn more from you guys and ladies.:rolleyes: