Another sad story - No Life Insurance

From a local paper.......

Lake Villa man suddenly a single father of three

Like many people these days, Robert Carmichael is looking for ways to trim the family budget. He's using coupons and shopping at discount grocery stores. He even traded in his gas guzzling SUV.
But unlike many others, he's saving money to pay for his wife's funeral.
The 40-year-old carpenter from Lake Villa lost his wife in July. And that was just four days after she gave birth to their third child. "You go to the hospital to have a baby, and then this," he says. "You never know what life will throw at you."
The unexpectedly single father-of-three has a $9,000 funeral bill and many medical expenses that his insurance won't cover. Friends and family have organized a fundraiser for Saturday at the Lake Villa VFW Hall, 130 E. Grand Ave.
Carmichael's wife, Sue, 36, had an emergency C-section because of complications from her high blood pressure condition. The surgery went well, Robert said, and baby Daniel was born without a problem. But Sue contacted a bacterial infection not long after the operation. That led to pneumonia, Carmichael says. Sue died four days after the birth.
"It's so unfair," he said.
With a newborn and two other kids, Carmichael has his hands full. His daughter, Alexandra, is 10-years-old and his son, Robyn, is 17. His extended family and friends have pitched in and are caring for the baby during the day.
"My mom, aunts and cousins, they've been a huge help," Carmichael said.
The couple had life insurance that would have easily paid for the funeral expenses, but they canceled the policy a short time before Sue died.
"Our money was really tight," Carmichael said. "We're both young, and figured we could get by without it."
One of the organizers of the fundraiser, Jan Link says she's amazed by the generosity of people. "We've had hundreds and hundreds of donations for the silent auction," Link said. "It's truly incredible.
Carmichael said he also is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the community. "People have been so generous with gifts for the fundraiser," he said. "If I can get enough to pay this bill, that would be a huge burden off my back."
The Carmichael Family Fund has been set up at Great Lakes Credit Union in North Chicago. For more information contact Jan Link at (847) 356-1202