Anyone familiar with Healthcare Solutions Team?


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I'm a new agent planning to be independent, and looking for a good company to start with. Anyone had experienced with them or currently an agent? Any advice will help. Doing my research before I decide anything. Thank you.
What state are you in and what states do you plan on selling and is it for mostly under 65?
I tried Hst about eight years ago but I didn’t have any local support I live in Arizona I do all Medicare now but I have a friend that still is with Hst and seems to be successful
@Franki52 I'm in Georgia and I'm planning to get a few non-resident licenses. I want to start with health insurance and a little bit of of life. I do want to do Medicare too but I'm pretty new and I've heard how hard the Medicare can be for new agents. I can understand that with not having local help. I'm glad to hear your fellow friends are successful in it. Thank you for your response.

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