Has anyone heard of Global Renaissance Insurance Marketing / Financial Literacy Group?


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(I'll be as brief as possible and can expand on all of this based on your responses.)

I saw a lot of ads on social media from Global Renaissance Insurance Marketing promoting a program where agents are selling $500K per month in annuities / IUL. I provided my info to watch the video and then got a text to speak with Ron Harris of Financial Literacy Group to discuss appointment with them.

I sat through an hour long Powerpoint presentation / discussion. And then received an appointment application from their life insurance agency and invitations to their training.

I received NO full explanation of the "opportunity." I use the word, "opportunity" because this is a network marketing company that sells both insurance and technology, and requires upfront payments of $150 to join and $220 for their software.

Some of the things said to me during the presentation (which I recorded) sounded sketchy. Also, on the Financial Literacy Group website, there was a statement about FLGPE certification being a, "recognized standard of excellence in financial education." My research indicates this is neither trademarked, nor an actual certification.

Thank you in advance for providing your feedback. I'm happy to share the PPT presentation.

Global Renaissance Insurance Marketing: [EXTERNAL LINK] - Global Renaissance Insurance – Banking Like A Bank (David Weiner, CEO)

The marketing video: [EXTERNAL LINK] - Global Renaissance - Free Blueprint to Become a TOP 1% Elite Insurance Producer

Financial Literacy Group: [EXTERNAL LINK] - Financial Literacy Group (Ron Harris, CEO)
I've spoken to him twice but never contracted with him. I haven't heard good things about his practice. That's why I didn't join, but who knows, they could be wrong, and they may be disgruntled lazy agents. Plus if I remember correctly, they wanted you to sell the Ufirst software (really expensive and also push IUL for banking concept. Ask other agents and talk to him yourself and make your own judgment.
Thanks, Sam. Update: This is actually a company using the United Financial Freedom / Money Max Account program.
You are correct. I think it used to be called UFirst years ago. The software is vey expensive, a couple thousand if I remember correctly. Plus I don't like an IUL especially for banking.