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Experior Financial Group


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A friend of mine who has failed at several MLM insurance organizations in the USA has been recruited by this Canadian company. I looked on this website and I could not find any information on them. The pitch she was making to me sounded exactly like how MLM's sell IUL, but this one had a twist, it was a Canadian company so it was totally brand new approach. Curious I googled them and Canadian regulators have been after them. Now a clever way for a MLM to market itself and avoid US regulators longer would be to operate out of Canada. I wonder if this is a trend or Experior Financial Group is just using a loophole. BY the way does any body want an IUL that has performed 18% a year since day one
They are a total MLM. There is a sucker that is caught up with them on Facebook that is awkwardly trying to recruit everyone. He’s two months in and has kool aid all over his face. It’s comical but also sad because he’s an old dude that is getting suckered.