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Anyone hear of Instant Referral Systems?

Exceeding your clients expectations generates referrals. Would you refer your friends and family to an "average" agent? Aside from that, the number one reason for low referrals is clients lose touch with you. Months later they only remember your first name and have since misplaced your number. Use an E-newsletter which is extremely inexpensive.
I have not heard of them, but I disagree that no one wants to give referrals. In truth, no one wants to ASK for them. Now, I don't like to push people into things, but if you do believe in what you are selling, then there is no shame in asking for them.

If I sell an individual health insurance plan to someone and I save them $2,000 over the course of a year, while getting them better coverage, then I have done well by them. There is nothing wrong with explaining that I could help out their friends in an equal manner. People have a psychological aversion to asking for referrals, that stems from their view of when unscrupulous salespeople do it. However, if you are selling good products and you believe that you have helped someone, then it is a psychological barrier that can and should be overcome. There is a book called "the psychology of sales call reluctance" and one of the reluctances is referral aversion. It is easily overcome if you are interested in changing it.

Have you ever been to a good sale and told some of your friends about it? Have you ever bought something for much less than you thought it would cost and called your friends to brag? This should be no different. People love to give referrals, if they think it will make them look good. If you aren't high pressure in your sales approach, and you are informative and helpful, then you will make them look good. The fact that people don't like to give referrals is a myth.