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Anyone here doing ACA in Georgia with Sherpa?

Using Health Sherpa for enrollments, and all of a sudden when submitting the aps they are sent to "Georgia Access" for eligibility...and when it asks about prior insurance, instead of Federal Marketplace it asks if on "Georgia Access"

It makes no difference, as all works fine when complete...but it caught me off guard.

Now I know that 2025 Georgia is supposed to have its own state exchange...which is Georgia Access.....but it just seems a little preliminary to be mentioning it now. How the transition from federal exchange to state exchange will work is a whole other mystery, that hopefully someone will explain soon....but the good news is that Georgia wants to use web brokers like Sherpa for its state exchange...unlike the other state based exchanges.

I called broker support at Sherpa to ask about it, and they were (surprise, surprise) clueless......but obviously some programmers in the back room are getting ready for it.

Just curious if everyone sees the same thing I do....in both cases where I have seen it so far it was updates to existing clients....have not tried new enrollment yet, but likely will soon.
They were supposed to do it last year and pulled the plug right before OE.

They will be clueless until Georgia figures out if they can finish it. One thing I know for sure, it will be a giant pain in the butt for agents. Every SBE is.