Anyone sell for a fraternal?


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Does anyone sell for a fraternal like the K of C, or AAL? I did a search and didn't find anything really pertinent.

I am in dialogue with the Knights and just wondered if anyone has any experience with this?
Most of the fraternals attempt to make up for over-priced life-insurance with useless fraternal benefits.

I would look elsewhere for a captive arrangement, if that's what I was looking for.
Had exp. with the KofC Life side.

I think it's a good gig for a retired person but to earn a living- very tuff.

Great group of folks as they help the community in many ways and Life sales surport many good things. Having said that as mentioned very over priced. Now some will buy knowing this as they see it as surporting the Knights.

Your captive but with none of the captive advantages like-
expense's paid
Heck if I remember correctly they charge you for laptop.

Just ask ALOT of questions and go from there.

Ask to view national/regional list of agents and production numbers. Look at last years results both nation wide and the past reps for area you'll be taking over.
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HoosierDaddy (Travis Tubbs) writes final expense through a fraternal----Royal Neighbors of America. Apperently he does quite well with it. It was started by women, but I believe it is still classified as fraternal. Maybe he can give you some input.
Thank you and very good response. Especially the paying for sales material and I'd be paying for leads as an independent. I'd have higher contracts obviously as an independent and could shop around different company's rates which is an advantage.

However, isn't there something to be said for the longevity; flippin burgers at Knights meetings, being seen as the "Knight guy" he can help you with that..kind of thing. Long term "street cred," even if a little less support and still pay your marketing, you DO have a built in base of 600, or so families you can work. I became so diverse I had a **** load of companies and diluted my income too much. Something about keeping it all in one, or two products with one company sounds like solid wealth in the long term AND they are willing to let me keep my other source of income for a few months to get my apps up there.
One of my brothers is a K of C knight. Said they only hire knights to be agents so I assume you already are one,right? And you can join easily, first degree is all you need, to be one of the boys.

So have you talked to the other KofC agents? Their tenure is a clue, and also their age. A cross section of ages is good. Heavy on the retired not so good. Get the drift?

I agree having commissions pooled with one source is easier, than 25 1099's.
Good call. I need to get some info on their producers and scope it out. They are a good organization, but I can always give to the Church out of my income if I'm making decent jack. I'll check on that angle. Thanx guys.
I have a great contract with Foresters. They are not the best for every situation, but every now and then they will be competitive in certain cases. Good freebie benefits, too...especially for young families. Lots of good work with children's charities. - And NO!!! This isn't an NAA gig.
So is kofc a good choice for a guy coming into the ins industry or do you guys recommend another way to go? I like the idea of having a list of prospects to call but am wondering how many of them are really going to sit with me and buy.
Damn shame that question wasn't asked 3 years ago. Glad to have it asked now. I've been wondering the same thing since Spring of 2008.