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Just wondering?
I own a lead generation Co. but also write business for life and health. I find that this time of the year the appointments that are set for me by Co. start to get a little more sparse. Meaning a lot more no shows and also not as many appointments. Do you guys find this to be the same for you? And any techniques that you use to get more appointments and or lower the no show rate?
Just curious?

Gary Prado
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It has sucked for me too.

I have started doing this though. When they tell me they are too busy to meet right now and they want to wait until the first of the year, I tell them, "Joe, I'd imagine right now you are so busy because there is a lot going on this time of year with your business (or family), Right?" (Yes) "Well, what will you do if something horrible happens and you are out for a day, a week, a month, or even forever?" (Well, I guess things would be bad) "Well Joe, that's what I'm trying to help you take care of. Let's take 30 minutes this week to make sure you can take care of your business (or family) forever."
Sorry, Should have posted other source of income not own lead Co. The point is I still run appointments off my leads. Just getting a lot of no shows, re-scheduled appointments, etc...
It seems to happen every year this during X-mas. Just wondered how appointments are going for others. For example: I have had 7 appointments scheduled for me this week and only have seen 2 people. Getting a lot of calls also saying " I need to reschedule for Monday"

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Hi Gary,

I had a very poor week last week only wrote one case, but this week I wrote 8 with annualized premium of $28,500. I did not expect this week to be that good, but people responded to quotes I sent out as well as the leads from my telemarketers.

I will be buying some leads from you after the 1st.

I wrote 2 cases this week. Have at least 3 in the hopper for the next 2 weeks (waiting on some test results before going forward).

Guess its a good thing other agents are out of the mood.

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