Assurant changes. Updates

I don't sell plans with copay plans, but Assurant's getting their ass handed to them on rates. The only carrier more expensive starting July will be Aetna. Golden Rule and Coventry are destroying them. I don't do riders, but as long as it's not a rider situation Assurant will have to re-do their rates in order for me to recommend them.
What production requirements are required to get better commission levels with Assurant and Golden Rule?

In addition, have any of you been contacted by GR and offered 3000 free credit at Norvax? Talked to Norvax and it really not a big deal. If one is on schedule to do 300,000 health premium, what level of comp should be available?
Time benchmark is $100,000 AV.

GR is (believe this is right) 18 policies to get to 22%.

Doesn't matter what you are "on track" for. What gets their attention is proof.

Shouldn't take you long to get to $100k or 18 policies if you really have what it takes.

If you are a bit hitter, or if you have a bunch of sub-agents you can start out higher.

The GR/Norvax deal is a bunch of crap. The bonus with GR is nice but the Norvax junk is not a real incentive.

Norvax currently is having issues with their quote engine. (See other thread on Norvax). They are blaming most of the issues on the carriers, primarily Time & GR.

Just talked to a marketer for Assurant and GR yesterday. They would start me off with a 25% comm FY and 7/4% renewals on Assur and I think 20 on GR. Initially strt you off with 10 leads, and then 2 for every 1 sale.

She said the rates were lowered on GR since UHC bought them.

Also said Assur was introducing a limited benefit plan in the fall (Nov) which would be similar to UA's, but better., for the health challenged or limited resources crowd.

Does this sound about right?

Regarding Assurant... Obvoiusly by the Assurant commission they promised you, they are an MGA, and you WILL assign commissions, and they will own your business because, you can get 25% with Assurant Directly if you commit in writing to a level of production, and have a track record of past performance, but Assurant would not be talking to you about GR... Anyway, yea... good luck with that one... you would probably do very well with their commission structure, because Assurant seems unreasonably fair to you , and the GR deal is decent, but not great...however, after this "MARKETER" or LEECH hits you with admin fees, and interest on your debit, and calculates chargebacks , and other bs fees that MGA's usually throw into your commission structure to confuse the crap out of you... then when you realize the leads from them suck, and your manager dosent care about you, and you walk away, then you will walk away from any residual income that you may have thought you were building, and you will probably have a debt with Assurant that could potentially complicate going direct with them in the future...... geeez sorry to be such a bummer....I just hate MGA's in the Health Game..they just suck off you, and hurt your future........but hey MGA's, out there, you're still "my boy"!!!!!!
Scott, I stand corrected . . .

No need to stand. Sit down, take a load off.

The only reason I knew was because they just sent the new commission info out and I looked at it before I posted. You were going on memory (which I find VERY dangerous for a man your age ;)). I just looked at a piece of paper.
So you are saying the commission scale is on paper now? Guess I can throw away my stone tablets . . .
So you are saying the commission scale is on paper now? Guess I can throw away my stone tablets . . .

No, those are sacred.