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State insurance investigators said they found widespread violations, including refusing to pay claims without conducting a reasonable investigation, failing to comply with claim-notification requirements, improperly using claim information to evaluate the health status of applicants and failing to give customers credit for prior insurance coverage.
Not sure where you're getting your info - actually in Ohio Time has the lowest complaint ratio at 1.34 - - I think you have a bad source.

Time Ins Co
NAIC#: 69477 Home Office: Wisconsin
Business Type: Life/Accident/Health

Other Reports: Financial Information Licensing Complaints

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Below is the Complaint Ratio Report for Time Ins Co. Please refer to the Help for a description of how this report is created. In addition, you can click on each parameter to see a description of how the parameter is calculated for use in the Complaint Ratio Report. Please note that "Total Complaints" include only those complaints in which the final resolution by the respective state upheld the consumer's complaint position. Please refer to the Help for a description of these excluded complaints.

Complaint Ratios for Year 2006 Score

National Median Complaint Ratio 1.00

Time Ins Co Complaint Ratio 1.34

7 total complaints in the entire state.
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From NAIC for Georgia

World 1.47
Time 1.34
Golden Rule 1.30
KP 0.30
BCBS 0.21
Aetna .014
Humana 0.13
Don't see an issue - national averages are all low, 2004 was 50 total complaints in OH, almost cut in half in '05 to 25.

You're gonna see higher national ratios by companies who really market their products to agents like GR, Humana, World, Time, etc...
I don't think it's a huge issue either.

In fairness, for example...The percentage of complaints is indeed quite high when compared to UHC and BC.

Admittedly, if their rates were competitive, I would use them. And maybe they will some day, although the DSM in this area says Assurant doesn't want to compete in Ohio.

Here's an example of monthly rates:

M 45

F 45

3 kids in Franklin County (Columbus)

$344 Aetna PPO 2500

$417 Golden Rule Copay Select $2500 Ded.

$497 Blue Cross Plan 2 $2500 Ded.

$525 Time Max Plan $2500 Ded.
In MD Aetna PPO 30 - which is the $2,500 deductible - for that same family would be $693. I don't like copay plans so I'd recommend the HSA which for Aetna would be $675. I'll sell 'em the Time HSA for $464. In Ohio with a 43085 zip (Columbus) that same HSA would be $330. Fantastic rates in OH.

ps: Note that two years ago Aetna in MD was also in the low $300's for that family. They have since more than doubled their rates and most every client is off the books. So what's the point of lowballing rates?
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I assume you mean 43085...which is just outside of Columbus. Try 43212 which is Columbus. Rates are even lower!!!

That's the bad thing about Ohio. Low rates and lower commission! Assurant, however, has always been high. In my 26 years here at the company, they always have charged a higher rate than most. Good company, though.

Re lowballing...I know better to do that based on the large bloc of assets I manage.

A "low cost" mutual fund will often return less than another fund that spend a few $$$ for a decent fund manager.