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Assurant worldwide coverage


Have a client going to Europe who just inquired. Co is closed for the day. All I find is what is stated in CoreMed brochure. Can't seem to find it in specimen contract. What about evacuation services from Europe?

You won't find med evac, translation of medical records, etc in any domestic major med policy.

This is why travelers need trip medical coverage.

While you are at it, upgrade from Core Med to a real policy . . . like the One Deductible. At the very least take him to a Max plan.

Core Med is only slightly better than Right Start.
They claim to include "worldwide coverage". What is that? Who does trip medical coverage? Will discuss policy upgrade. Without looking like an *** I will mention the "new" plans that are available. We did get him off a Mega policy.
It's important for everyone to note that no major med plan is really designed for an oversees event. It becomes very gray area and I have yet to see a policy fully detail what is and is not covered while oversees. It gets even more dicey if you're not in a 1st world country. I would never recommend to a client that they rely on their policy for any extended trip overseas.

My wife and I had a fantastic Blue Cross group plan that was flawless on claims. We went to Cancun where my wife got violently ill - ended up at the doctor's and on medication. Tried to file a claim when we got back and it was denied for not being a medical emergency.
I have spoken to Assurant about this same subject. Was told (have a client spending about 2 months overseas) that coverage was provided for medical emergency transportation to the nearest credited hospital either by ground or air transportation. What constitutes a medical emergency is a whole 'nother story. Had the client buy separate insurance for medical evac & repatriation of remains just in case for only $50. I want his butt covered and mine if anything happens.
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