Assured Life/ Woodman of the World


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Hey Everyone,
I want to know if anyone here is contracted with this company and if so, what's your opinion of it. Do you know if you need EO insurance to be contracted with them?

Just checked it out. Assurity Life was a subsidiary of Woodman Accident & Life Insurace Company founded in 1890. The name Woodman was dropped a few years ago and Assurity is the surviving entity name. With the similarity in names it is no wonder I was confused.:goofy:
Here is another thread with someone asking if you need E&O insurance. How can you advise someone to buy insurance for themselves if you do not even think it's necessary as a professional. Do yourself a favor and get E&O, or you'll end up getting 25% of your income attached for life one of these days. If you can't afford it, work for someone that can. Would you drive your car without car insurance?