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BCBS of Georgia

Does anyone know how to get appointed with Blue X in Ga. I believe i attempted to contact them and they said you to have to be a licensed agent for more than a year. I am new and i was wondering if this was true, who can i go through for appointment with them. What is their commission rate? And how do bonuses work? Somarco, you may know a lot about this since youre here and you work with them, correct.
Their website does say that you must be licensed one year, also says you must have E&O coverage.

But there are other quality companies you can use for health insurance.
BCBS of GA only pays 10% flat commissions. Takes awhile to build your business on that and you must be licensed for a year.

If you're interested in getting appointed with some other companies like United Health Care and Assurant email me at [email protected]
BX does indeed require you to be licensed for a year. Based on their stance in the market and the flux over the merger with Anthem, you really don't need them.

There are plenty of carriers you can find to offer your clients.

In Atlanta metro the most competitive carriers are UHC/GR, KP & Time. Coventry is a new entrant that is making some noise. If you like copay plans Coventry is another to consider.

Those 4 carriers will cover most of what you need. You can add in Aetna & World as needed.

BX pays 10% flat. KP is 11% flat. GR & Time pay 15 - 20% depending on where you contract.

Time will advance commissions if you are interested. The others pay as earned.

Coventry pays as earned. 15% FYC then 10% renewal.

Call me if you want to discuss.
ok thanks. I will contact you b/c i need more info on Coventry. Im good with Assurant, United Healthcare, and Keiser. I was just wondering about the Blues.