Frederick Miller

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There are a lot of comparative rater software platforms available...

What are you using? How long?
What are the pros/cons?
Where are you located?
What carriers are you using it for?
What lines of business?
Does anybody know anything about these?
  1. Applied Epic: Applied Epic is considered one of the leading agency management systems and is used by a large number of insurance agencies worldwide.

  2. QQ Catalyst: QQ Catalyst has gained popularity among independent insurance agencies, and its user base has been growing steadily.

  3. EZLynx: EZLynx is a well-established comparative rater and agency management system that has gained a substantial user base over the years.

  4. Vertafore Agency Platform (formerly AMS360): Vertafore Agency Platform is widely used in the insurance industry and has a large user base, particularly among larger agencies.
I do not put a lot of stock in the comparative raters as they are rarely accurate. The main benefit for me is it eliminates double entry and I know what carrier wants to provide me with a quote for the risk. You can have an ideal candidate and not an ideal property or vice versa ----- that is when the rater is a great tool. EZlynx is easy to use. That's my two cents.