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Books on Selling


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I am trying to get one of John Savage's books. Savage on Selling: Secrets from an Insurance Great. Only 2 places have it. One is the MDRT website. If anyone is a member I would like to get a copy of this book if they could order it for me. Thanks
List price new is 19.95, sorry charlie they are all gone but you can buy a used one for 65 dollars. Dang you know a book is good when it goes up in price like that!
The BEST Book on Selling

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

All the top salespeople, irregardless of the industry they are in, have read that book. I read it every two years. Highly recommend it.
Has anyone read that book, Savage on selling?

My personal fav is the Little Red Book of Selling. Easy read and no fluff.

Are there any other books out there that focus on selling insurance and not just sales in general?
Power Position Your Agency-A Guide to Insurance Agency Success by Troy Korsgaden was very good. Talks about cross selling and how important a CSR(customer service rep) is and to get them calling for you. They use the survey approch so you don't get in trouble with the DNC list.
I liked the book. How I raised myself from failure to success by Frank Bettger. It was very simple. Just the basics and an easy read. Written in the 1920s I think and every principle still applies today.
I ordered John Savage's book, Savage on Selling: Secrets from an Insurance Great from the MDRT site. $14.95! WOW!!!! You don't have to be a member to order from them. I should have checked the site out more. Also got Burt Meisel's book Pocket Full of Sales. Can't wait to get them in.