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The dangers of loyalty to a company in this business can really come back to bite you in the back side. Never confuse the issue loyalty with doing business... because I can assure you that the company won't.
When I started in 1971 there actually seemed to be some form of loyalty on behalf of the companies ... at least the captives. The National Life and Accident took great pride in stating they had never laid an employee off, not even a janitor, inthe 70 year history of the company... not even during the grat depression. Then, they were bought out by AIG and all that ended.

Even the non captives seemed to have more concern for their agents than exists now. Now, there is absolutely no concern about the agency force.
They are all in on this DTC thing.

This is not in my blood. It's how I make a living. I've already just been DK'ing for a while so as not have a schedule. I do one DM mailer per month. Be easy to stop that. I did a little over $100K with KSKJ this year. That's the lowest I've done with them since i started writing them in 2015.
Maybe start selling MAPD?