Business Cards

In my opinion there are two things that make a business card look like it is being used by a professional.

The information on it and the quality of paper it is printed on. Selection of an attractive type face would be the next priority.

Regarding the information, I have always felt that less is more. I don't believe a business card should be a billboard. I don't like the ones loaded with advertising, logos or pictures printed on coated paper.

Just company, name, title and contact information spread out so it is well balanced and easy to read at a glance. I use as a "title" on my card "Your Insurance Agent". It tells them what I do.

I believe an extremely good quality laid finish card stock looks very professional. I use a light gray stock.

I buy the paper, select the type face, lay the card out on my computer, print 8 1/2x11 sheets and take them to a printer to have them professionally cut.
Pictures are fine, especially if you are a nice looking guy or gal. Some folks just don't take good pictures and have a telephone face.

Pictures help the client to remember you.

Before you order cards, buy this book.
Do most of yall put your picture on the card too?

Seems alittle cheesy

I think that is an understatement. Most pictures are the their "high school graduation" picture and usually don't look anything like the "real" person anyway.

Go for something simplistically elegant that exudes class, not "used carish".

Consider this when leaving your business card. Staple your business card to the outside of a manila folder. Put all info you leave with them in the folder and tell the prospect that this is now their "insurance file".

If working in the senior market use a Sharpie to print your name and toll-free number in large letters on the outside of the folder.

They will lose your card but they won't lose the folder. I have gone back years later and they still had the folder with my card stapled to it and all of their insurance information in it.

I also give them one attached to a magnet and one to put in their wallet and suggest to them that they keep it next to their insurance card.

There are some things that one should explore ways to save money before purchasing. Business cards or anything with my name on it isn't one of them.

When I'm not there, a business card, letter etc is "me". I want "me" to always look professional.