Can I sell insurance with bad credit??


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i seem to have had a hard time getting hired due to the fact that i have some credit issues.....ive had great interviews with principal, nyl and aig but all of them said i have to get my credit fixed...will anyone hire me or is it a lost cost...thanx for any input
Someone will give you a real anwer eventually. I have known people with bankruptcies get appointed and felonies for that matter. Not sure about the big companies like NYL though. Obviously you need good credit to work for them.
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If you needed good credit to sell insurance this forum would be substantially smaller than it is.

Unless someone is fronting you money or advances (maybe) credit is seldom an issue unless you burned some major company for big bucks and they found out on your report.

You are fine... Start selling and making money.... Good luck!
I have yet to hear of an individual health carrier declining to appoint based on credit. My credit was trashed when I got into the biz and I picked up all six carriers in MD with advances on Time and GR.

When I hired I took on a lot of agents who just BK'd and it never affected them. But, like stated, if you owe a carrier a chunk that would harm you.