Canseco Ins.

Sir Ringo

I mentioned to a friend of mine that I had some interest in a product from canseco. He didn't elaborate, but said he would have to clarify a rumor he heard, but thought that they were on the watchlist. Anyone have info on this?

And, BTW, if anyone has a link to an insurance watchdog site that keeps tabs on the industry would greatly be appreciated. Thanks
Actually, I was looking into adding their burial expense and cancer policy, with the cancer having a rop, sounds interesting and have requested more info.

However, I think that it may be more to it other than conseco having problems, but I am checking.

I think my friend may have other reasons that he doesn't want me to market their products, like not getting along too well with this particular imo. Thats why I am asking if they (conseco) was being scrutinized for anything.

I think they were/or were going bankrupt a few years back. Since that time thier rating has gotten better and I think they are out of the hole they dug themselves.

They do I have a great cancer plan and I am in the middle of contracting for that at this moment. They als provide mailers for agents to mail out themselves for the cancer product.
They (Conseco, not Canseco) were indeed in the major med business, and mortgage life biz, and annuity biz and loan shark business and then tripped & fell. Can't recall if they filed BK or not but came real close. Lots of agents who were selling their products & recruiting heavy on the stock options got burned . . . as did their clients.

They restructured. Sold off the loan shark (Greentree Financial) business and tried to make a comeback as primarily a life, annuity & senior market company. Could be wrong, but I think they pulled the plug on the mortgage life insurance market for the second time. I do recall them doing a road show to introduce the NEW Conseco last year with their new mortgage life products.

Is the Indy basketball arena still named for Conseco? I am not a round ball fan so I will beg off.
Thanks alot guys, I am leaning toward getting a contract with them to sell the cancer plan, and from the what the imo told me it did sound like a very good plan.