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Captive Agent

I am considering a career move and believe that insurance is a great option for me. I currently work as a bank manager for a large bank that has a strong sales environment. I am no stranger to cold calling and in fact used to sell telecommunications where I had to go door to door and visit 50 new businesses a day. I am doing well at the bank and my branch is consistently in the top for production in the region. Here is my situation and I would love to hear some feedback.

I am considering this switch for the long term because I feel that I have reached the maximum level for the company I am with and I would like to have more control over my future. I also feel that insurance is a good industry because I am rewarded in the future for the work that I do today. I am looking to go captive because I feel that the structure/support during the transition would be a benefit. What is the general perception of the major captive companies in the area in terms of customer service, support, payouts, training, and likelihood of success? I am looking into the following companies:

- Farmers
- Statefarm
- Allstate
- Nationwide

Any and all comments on the positives and negatives of these companies for a captive agent would be appreciated.
I am in the same situation as offtocollege. I am evaluating the "big 3" in captive auto, home and life - State Farm, Allstate, and Farmers.

Could some of the more experienced folks in this forum please provide their opinions and experiences with these respective companies? I would like to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. It would be very much appreciated.